n the absence of interpretation there could be no culture.

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In the absence of interpretation there could be no culture

Interpretation - what would we do without it? I guess we would be bored. Why bored? Because we would not be able to understand the world from our very own point of view. Instead, our only possibility would be to accept one popular, dogmatic look on the life and submit to it. Fortunately, it is not likely to happen, as it would be the end of the world - end of single human beings, leading to creation of a great collective, where every unit is just the same as any other. That would be a murder of the beauty of different human characters and opinions.

Let us begin with the basis of interpretation. We can use this term in reference to many, many things. We can interpret a book, movie, someone's behavior or event. One can say that anything in the universe may be interpreted.

The term "interpretation" is very similar to the term "understanding". The difference is, that interpretation brings us to our own conclusions, so we understand it in our way, while understanding may also mean acquiring some piece of information from other source than our brain.

People have been interpreting the world surrounding them, since the human race was born. First, cavemen learned how to use rocks, sticks and bones. Their interpretation of the possible use of these items was based on trying them. After thousands of years, people were developed enough, to begin forming groups. They understood that it is better to live with other beings of the same kind, than stay alone and be weaker. The interpretation of the world proceeded. There were civilizations established, of which some last until today. Further development brought the humanity to wars, religion, economy, discoveries and growing curiosity of...