The mythilogical figure Bellerophon. It is written in first person perspective like Bellerophon is the speaker.

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I, the once great and powerful Bellerophon, shall tell you the tale of how greed and jealousy led to my destruction.

Born the son of a human mother and the God Poseidon, at birth my destiny pretold of a greatness disturbed. During my childhood on earth with my mother Eurynome and my foster father Glaucus, I developed a fascination with horses. Both of my fathers, known as expert horse riders, surrounded me with animals. This involvement in horses soon led me to venture out of my home in an attempt to capture the flying horse Pegasus. Failure after failure, I decided to pray to the Goddess Athena for help. Only one god could help me. Athena, the creator of the bridle, bestowed upon me a tool that allowed humans to tame horses, which I used to my benefit. Therefore, I chose to give homage to her. After a day of prayer at her altar I received a golden bridle.

With this new instrument, I caught and tamed Pegasus with ease.

After my success in capturing the magical horse, I so impressed myself that I lost all sense of humility and accidentally killed my own brother. No one believed that it happened by accident so my penalty of banishment until purified of my crime restricted my freedom.

I swiftly hurried to be cleansed of my sins. This took place in the kingdom of Lord Proetus. Now with my sins washed away I could return home. However, I ran into some trouble with the King's wife. Preparing to leave, she caught me in the courtyard and tried to seduce me. I just ignored her, for I, a noble and honorable man, did not return her advances. This made the wife very angry and she framed me by saying that I tried to...