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                                Company Culture

        If I were to be a mentor to another student, and I had to tell them about our school, I would gladly tell about all the great things this school has accomplished, and successfully completed. When Seckman Senior High School was first built, it didn't even have a senior class, and the junior class only had 700 students. Now the school is booming and the attendance all around is high. Now that's not to say that there aren't a few students who ruin it for the rest, but for the most part the school is doing very well, and it hardly ever has to depends on the district, for help. Seckman is known for being a "rich" public school, with kids who do not have to pay for anything, including and not limited to their clothes, gas, insurance, daily necessities, food, extras, party money, nothing, their parents give them everything.

        For the most part the other schools are right, Seckman has more money, and time to waste on non-important things. This school district expects every one to be rich and be able to keep up with the snobs and rich brats. If you want to survive, you have to have parents who don't care, money, and a place to "waste" your money, then you'll be popular. Not to leave out the teachers, who think they are god's and they are the only class you have for the rest of your life. They hand out homework like it's candy and expect you to stop your extremely busy life to work on their homework, of which does you no good in the end and just ends up dropping your GPA, even lower. Real problem is, this is true in every teachers room.

What do you expect from...