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Essay by kamis February 2005

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I have been reading books for years, when I was a

little boy until now. Although it was a long time ago,

everything seems yesterday- the day I began having

love in reading books. Before third grade, I was

always a lazy boy who never did homework or prepared

for the next class, especially in reading the stories.

But everything had changed since I came to my school

library. I still remember my trip to the place which

completely changed a boy who just liked Mom and

grandma told him stories but reading books like me.

That is a very large library with millions of books,

magazines and poems. Because I had a presentation in

class about the story I like, that why I have to read,

of course, for the first time. It was so excited and

definitely different to what Mom often told me. I read

"The Snow White and Seven Dwarfs", which my grandma

told me many times.

But, reading by myself is more

wonderful than listen to someone. And from that on, I

only want to read, I love reading. I read many kinds

of books, many kinds of stories, fiction, and

non-fiction, but I love only comic books. I don't mean

the others are not good, yet I still like comic books

better. The books that made me be complained by my Mom

because I stayed up too late to read them. I wanted

only the "funny" comics -- I had little interest in

adventure, war or other kinds of comics. I had an

enormous collection which was my most prized

possession (much as my book collection is currently my

most valued physical possession). I had hundreds of

comics and knew the contents of each one in intimate

detail. Of course all...