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My heritage is unknown by my family and myself. I have tried to do a genealogy tree and did not get very far. My dad's favorite thing to say is that we are mutts with a little bit of everything in us. I was able to trace our ancestor's back to Germany, the continent in Europe. .

        As a child, I grew up as an Army brat. With my father being in the service, I had the opportunity to experience life in many different places. I have lived in Texas, Hawaii, California and Fort Lewis Washington. We were supposed to move to Germany when my grandfather died. Instead we moved back home to Oregon to care for my grandmother. It also was not a very good part of Germany so my father did not want to have us kids raised around such conditions. My dad retired from the service and went into the reserves.

Since then we have remained in Oregon. My father was a Doctor (Physicians Assistant) in the service. For him to continue in the Medical field had a few years of schooling to go through. He could not afford with having to care for his family.

        When we returned to Oregon for the last time, we drove. I have traveled in many ways, on a ship, airplane, train, and vehicle of course.

        My family has always had very social lives, whether it is personal or business. We love to entertain and spend time with friends from work as well as very close friends.

        My traditional dress depends on the occasion. At home and at school, it is very casual and comfortable. Of course, in a work place there is an appropriate way to dress. A special occasion such as holidays, church, and social gatherings is a requirement...