My Method of Writing. A short essay on writing styles focusing on my own.

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My Method of Writing

While writing about my previous paper I didn't work on it in the conventional manner. I am not the kind of person that is able to sit down and write a paper. Most of the people that I know like to go to the library, or sit in their apartment or house and do their work there. These people believe that if they write in these places then the amount of distractions that they encounter are minimized and they are able to concentrate more effectively. My roommate, for example, is the kind of person who sits on the couch with the television off, the internet unplugged and in a deep trance trying to complete his writing assignments. While this method seems to work for him it is not something that appeals to me. I can respect the way that he goes about writing his papers, but they always seem to take him hours to complete and they always seem to come back covered in red ink.

I don't believe that it is the amount of time that one puts into his or her writing that makes it a quality piece, but rather the amount of concentration one is able to apply to the work. If four hours are spent on a piece of writing, but the distractions are not minimized and the drive and ambition to do a great job are not present, then four hours of work are wasted. However, I believe that if I put myself in a position to give my undivided and wholehearted attention and devotion to a piece then I can complete the work to the best of my ability and no time that I have put into my work has been wasted.

My method of writing is somewhat unorthodox. I...