My love for Rossini's Williem Tell Overture

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William Tell -This piece by Rossini is a rather devious piece of music. For the most part the listener is put into a position that the entire piece will be rather melodic and peaceful, but in an instant all of that changes and throws the listener for a complete loop. As the Overture warms the listener, one begins to get the idea that a sense of nature is present in the music, with the little chirps from the softer instruments. As the listener continues there begins a low, but ever present rising in intensity coming from all the instruments. From what seemed to be a careless peaceful tone, becomes a menacing and powerful thrust of music. Moreover, as soon as the listener becomes accustomed to the intensity of the music, the composer once again changes it up and softens the mood again. The listener is continuously taken on a roller coaster ride of excitement.

The highlight for this listener was the part of the Overture that had been used as the anthem for the Lone Ranger. It is a great example for me of how music can create a vivid memory of life, with it as the background. I have always loved this piece because of how dynamic it was and because of its connection to me as a child. My parents were always trying to find ways for me to enjoy classical music as a child, without creating distaste for the music. From that I was able to grow into the music. I play 3 different instruments; flute, violin and piano which I love almost equally. I love the entire piece, and only listen to it in its entirety. The movement through out the piece is very perky, with a little bit of calmness. The listener does not have...