My Learning Stories.

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Standing in the middle of the happiest place on earth, surrounded by cheerful

Cast members and mesmerized tourists, I was miserable. Forcing the famous Disney smile, I pointed a Brazilian tour guide in the right direction, watching her attempt to herd twenty-five teenagers toward the African Village. "Someone as miserable as me," I thought to myself as I watch one of the boys grab her rear.

My partner at the Tree of Life entrance was trying to explain to a family of four that the Terminator 3d movie was not a Disney attraction. They had given him his 20-year service award this morning. He was 40 now, still working as an attractions host. No foray into management, maxed out at a $12 per hour job, life had defeated him. He hated his lack of success, his failure to achieve even the smallest amount of success in the company.

He was the cause of my misery.

I saw myself in 20 years, working the same dead end job, never realizing the thrill of accomplishment. A human being completely crushed by the weight of life and circumstance. I was too good to let this happen to me. It was time to make a change. I needed to change my poor attitude toward school, so I could avoid the same path in life as my Tree Of Life partner.

* * *

I started accelerated classes at the age of 6. The start of first grade had me spending a few hours a day, Monday, Wednesday and Friday in a special classroom, learning about Mythology, Science and the Arts. With a relaxed atmosphere and no formalized lesson plan, we were free to talk, learn and discuss. It was an open forum of learning and provided me with a sanctuary from the tedium of...