my accounts of september 11th

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" Stuck In Traffic"

Worse than normal traffic for a Tuesday morning rush hour in Washington D.C. We were getting nowhere fast. It was hard to fathom the events we heard unfolding on the radio. The events we were hearing on the radio were about what was happening on September 11, 2001.

It started out as an exciting day for my wife Cheryl and I. It was the day we were going to have an amniocentesis done to find out the sex and health of our baby. We went about our normal routine of getting the kids up and getting them ready to go to day care. We took the kids to the day care center and we took them to their usual classrooms- gave them a hug and a kiss and said "goodbye." We left and started our commute toward Georgetown University Medical Center. That's where my wife's doctor appointment was at and that's also where my baby was born.

Heading towards Interstate 395 we ran into traffic. Traffic was crawling like the tortoise from the children's book "Tortoise and the Hare."

The sun was shining bright and it was a nice clear day. Traffic was still inching along. My wife and I decided to turn the radio to one of our favorite stations 0630 WMAL. By this time we had move up the road right past the Glebe Road exit. We were listening to the usual broadcast of Tim and Andy In the Morning and just chatting about what the problem could be with the traffic. It was past rush hour and traffic was unusually congested for that time of day. We had inched out way up to the area of Pentagon City.

On the radio, while we were listening to Tim and Andy In the Morning, an...