Murder of Jonbenet Ramsey

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In a perfect world, all cases in the criminal justice system would be solved, and justice would be served. But unfortunately this is not the case in the murder investigation of a six-year-old Colorado girl. Justice was not served, and the case is still yet to be concluded six years later. This is one of the most compelling murder cases of our day, and some consider it to be a perfect murder in a perfect town. There are limited leads due to the lack of professionalism by the Boulder Police Department on the morning of December 26, 1996 at 755 15th Street, Boulder, Colorado…Literature ReviewThis document presents a case study and in depth analysis of Miss JonBenet Ramsey the six-year-old Boulder, Colorado beauty queen, who won numerous pageants across the nation. She was better known in her family and around the nation as Little Miss America, Little Miss Colorado and Christmas.

Now, six years after the kidnapping, molestation, and strangling murder of JonBenet, the case has yet to be solved. But very strong evidence points to the parents themselves—John and Patsy Ramsey. From the beginning of the case that early morning in December of 1996 to this present day in 2002, the case and investigation has been contaminated, tampered and flat out pathetic. The case had changed from a kidnapping to a molestation and tragic homicide in a matter of a few short hours. The research that has been prepared to try and solve this case has been significant due to tampered evidence and inaccurate witnesses and interviews. Methods of in depth research were performed in the areas of parental kidnapping, murder strategies, “Boulder town atmosphere,” and even possibly altered evidence mixed with awkward family behavior.

To open, the majority of investigators and agents who took on this case have...