A movie vs. book comparison of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

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The Legend of Sleepy Hollow was a pretty good story. I noticed many similarities and differences between the book and movie. I am going to talk about these similarities and differences here.

Many things in the movie were not changed from the text. For instance in the movie, Ichabod Crane looked a lot like the description given in the book. He had a long skinny neck, with a big head resting on it. It was much like a hammer. He had a long nose too. In both the book and movie, when Ichabod first walks through the woods, he hears strange noises from the trees which really scare him. Also in both, Ichabod loves psalms. He teaches the church's choir and always sings psalms when he is scared to cheer him up. Ichabod is very bad at dancing in both versions of this tale. He flails around and Katrina thinks he is odd.

He stayed for a tête-à -tête in both versions. Although there are many similarities, there are many things totally different.

In the movie, many aspects were changed from the original text. The book starts right off in the very beginning with the story of Ichabod Crane, but the movie starts with some men of Tarrytown telling stories at a table. There is a traveler there who is recording these stories to one day publish a book. Also, the movie starts with Ichabod strolling into Sleepy Hollow. He goes to Hans Van Ripper to ask for the teacher position but in the book he already has the position. Another difference is that Brom Bones looks very different from the description in the book. Yet another difference is that in the book the Hessian trooper that was the headless horseman, was hired by the British to fight. In the...