Movie Review of "Disguished Gentlemen" starring Eddie Murphy. This movie satirizes what goes on in Congress.

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The Distinguished Gentlemen

In the movie The Distinguished Gentlemen, Eddie Murphy satirized many aspects of our Congress. There were many jokes that poked fun at the integrity of Congress and its members. This movie focused on the House of Representatives.

The movie starts out with Murphy and his friends, con-artists, blackmailing a chairman of a committee for calling a sex hotline. The sleaziness of Congressmen is showed when Congressman Jeff Johnson dies for having sex with his secretary. Congressmen Jeff Johnson was known for his sexual harassment to women on the congressional staff.

After Jeff Johnson's death, someone suggests that his wife run in his place and win the position solely through name recognition. Murphy decides that he should try this scheme. Murphy mentioned all the perks of being a Congressman such as an office suit, high salary, travel money, and his own staff; his friends.

Murphy whose character's name is Thomas Jefferson Johnson decided to run for Congress for the state of Florida. There was only two ways he could get his name on the ballot; one was to get a petition with over 5000 signatures or to get a recognized, registered party to put him on the ballot to represent them. Murphy got lucky and was able to run as a third party, Silverfox. To campaign his election, he went to the former Congressman's wife, Mrs. Jeff Johnson to get all of Jeff Johnson's campaign materials; posters, buttons, and pins. He approaches Mrs. Johnson acting as if he was a preppy, white guy. Black Congressmen sometimes attain their positions not because of the great speeches they make but because they can speak and act like a white person. He succeeded and began Jefferson Johnson decided to run under that name. He...