The movie dead poet's societys neil vs. A separate peace's finny

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To most people a dream is just a part of the imagination, of course it would be ideal for it to come true, but the average person can see the difference from a dream to reality. The average person knows not to trust people blindly, knows to do what is best for them, they understand that occasionally one must put their dreams aside for it will not work with the world around them, they understand how to adjust their dream to reality. Of course this is just the average person. The characters Finny and Neil are both dreamers and idealists and were therefore destined to die for they could not live in a world where dreams are only dreams and reality includes hate, jealousy and practicalists. Finny was unable to live a life where his best friend hated him. Neil was in able of living a life in military school.

Both could only live the dream.

Finny and Neil are both optimists and through their attitudes towards everyday life one can clearly see their misconceptions of reality. Finny believed that "You always win at sports." (26) He felt this way because to him, sports were always fun. In a dream world, everyone would win in sports but in reality, there is always a loser. From Finny's simple idea, it is clear that he can not adjust to a world where not everyone wins. Neil's misconception of reality can be shown through how he only saw the good of the Dead Poet's Society, not the danger of it, when clearly the society lead to the boys doing crazy things such as the article in the newspaper. Neil also never considered money when choosing a job. His father was completely focused on money, while Neil was the opposite. Neil wanted to...