Are the Motives of Hizbullah Righteous and Justifiable? Bibliography included.

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Hizbullah is otherwise known as the Party of God. They see Israelis as intruders on their land and have made it a point to kill them. However, even the teaching of their holy book, the Qu'ran, would not approve of killing and terrorizing for a righteous cause. That's why Hizbullah is certainly not an organization with righteous causes even if one considers its justifications.

Hizbullah was formed in Lebanon. In 1982, when Israel invaded Lebanon to drive out the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), the Israeli Defense Force tried to win favor among the Shiite minority in Lebanon. At first, tired of the PLO's performance, these Muslims could've accepted Israel's offer of creating a 'National Guard' in Lebanon. However, they soon realized that the Israelis simply wanted to gain more power in the Middle East. As a result, the Lebanese Muslims became angry with Israel, and amidst this fire of rage came Hizbullah Organization, formed by these Muslims.

One of the primary reasons Hizbullah believe in eliminating Jews is that they see the Jews as invaders on their territory. In 1948, when Israel was formed, the Arab countries expressed a great amount of hate and anger and tried to expel the Israelis out of Palestine. Clearly, the Arabs had been living in Palestine for centuries, and they wouldn't accept unwanted people establishing a nation on their own land and depriving them of territory that is theirs. Their ancestors had married the rulers of Palestine, and because of that they feel they have a right to the land. Moreover, Arabs argue that when they first came to Palestine, the Jews hadn't established a nation yet, and they left Palestine at will. The British too had promised the Arabs an independent state in 1915 through the McMahon-Husayn correspondence. The fact that they didn't...