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Many people believe that they are motivated by earning money, but this is not entirely true, because other factors like variety of workplace and the need to be appreciated for the work they do.

The need to be appreciated for the work they do may be reflected in the prestige attached to their job, and while the need for a variety in the workplace may be satisfied by an interesting job.

A factor, which effects motivation, is that every individual has different needs. For example an employee may prefer to work on his or her own than in a friendly team, rowlands retail encouragies teamwork and team skills as almost a essential part of any employees skill. In order to have good motivation employees needs have to be found. This is shown in how lack of motivation equals reduced effort and lack of commitment.

An example of how employee磗 needs could be satisfied is through involving them in discussions so that they feel recognised and wanted.

A business could also set up discussions with management about goals and working practises which would make employees feel their opion counts and also that their contribution is valuable. In the long term this may result in the employee being willing to work longer hours or take responsibility

In 1954 Abraham Maslow identified five classes of needs these included physiological needs, safety needs, love and belonging, esteem needs and self-actualisation. The needs, which Maslow identified at the bottom of the pyramid, are based on basic needs concerned with survival, and these must be satisfied before a person can go to the next level. For example some people may be more concerned with basic needs such as food, than anything else. Although it must be noted that once each need has been satisfied the ones...