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Once upon a time there was a boy whose mother had only one eye. Whenever his mother used to come to school to pick this boy up the rest of his classmate used to laugh at him. The boy used to get embarrassed and angry on his mother. He got so tired of his mother that one day he shouted at her telling her that she is making him a laughing stock at school and he hated her and didn't want to see her again. But the mother ignored the boy. The boy then made up his mind. He said that he will study hard and then be able to make a living of himself and then not worry about his mother. He will then be able to live without his mother and not be a laughing stock again. So this is what the boy actually did he studied hard and was even able to study in the United States of America. He then become a successful doctor and got married and had beautiful children. His life was a successful one and had no worry. He was living like a king without a worry and no more living like a laughing stock. One day his mother knocked at the door and his children went to check who is at the door. They started to laugh when they saw this woman with one eye. The boy went there and saw hat it was his mother and shouted at her. Telling her first you made me a laughing stock at school and now you make me a laughing stock at home too. He told that he doesn't want to see her ever again and that she should get lost. The mother ignored what the boy said and said that maybe it is the wrong address and went away. After a few years a letter came to this boy about a re-union of his old school. He went to it and said to his family that he is going on a business trip. After reaching to the re-union a letter came to this boy. It read I am glad that you came for the re-union I might not be able to come and see you. But when you were young you meet into an accident and lost one eye. I said I can't have my child have one eye so I gave you one of mine so that you could see this world in a far better one. Best Regards Your Mother. The boy was devastated he couldn't believe what he was doing to his mother all these years who only wanted to help him and now when he wants to change it is too late.

We as humans should always be grateful about our parents while we have them because if you ask those who don't have they would do anything to get them back. The only time we only regret anything is when it is taken. So while we have our parents we should look after them before it is too late. And we all know that what our parents did to us we can't repay them. They have done unlimited favours to us. So the least we can do is be grateful and look after them the way they did to us even if we didn't feel they did so. Look after them before its too late and we wouldn't want to regret it the way the boy did. So look after them while they are alive.

Bibliography;I got all my info from my head. It is all a made u story.