What is the most important quality in a friend

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What is the Most Important Quality in a Friend

When anyone has a friend, one of the most important qualities is trust. My definition of trust is having a strong reliance on the integrity and character of the person who is considered to be a friend. Good friends never break a confidence. A friend should be someone whom one is not afraid to be upset in front of because they can trust them with their feelings. Friends also would not think twice about sharing valuables or possessions because they trust each other that nothing will happen to them on purpose. A friend needs to know that they will be supported in times of need, and that their friends will put their needs at the top of their priority list. When a person trusts someone, they feel like they can share the world with them, and that they will always be by their side.

Trust, in my eyes, is something to be earned. One must show they deserve it. Trust is a basis for a great friendship, one where anything and everything is up for discussion, and there are no awkward moments or confessions. Trust is the most vital aspect of a good friendship.