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The personal and political life of:

Dr. Mohammad Mosaddegh

In the name of the Almighty


The early years of Mosaddegh's life 2

Mosaddegh and Reza Khan 3

Mohammad Reza Shah's rule and the nationalization of oil 4

The first period of Mosaddegh's power 5

22nd of July (30th of Tir) and the second period of Mosaddegh's power 7

The referendum and new strength of Mosaddegh's government 9

19th of August (28th of Mordad) coup and fall of Mosaddegh's government 10

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The early years of Mosaddegh's life

Dr. Mohammad Mosaddegh is one of the greatest men of the Iranian political history. He

is mostly known for his challenges to nationalize the Iranian oil industry which was

controlled by the British till that time. He served his country in different ways as Prime

Minister, Member of Parliament, Finance Minister and many other positions. Although

like any other person, he may have had mistakes in his life and jobs, but he definitely did

big things for his country.

Mohammad Mosaddegh was born in 1882 A.D (1261 S.H). His father was the Finance

Minister of one of Qajar kings of Iran and his mother was the granddaughter of a Qajar

prince. He was ten when he lost his father and his mother was left with three sons among

which Mohammad was the youngest. As a sign of respect to his late father, the king of

that time, Nassereddin shah, gave some official titles to Mohammad and his brothers. His

title was: Mosaddegh ossaltaneh.

When he was only 25, he was elected as Member of Parliament by the people of

Isfahan. But it was not officially accepted because the minimum age to be a Member off

parliament was 30.

At the age of 26, he went to Paris to study in...