Monologue A poem Written By Hune Tuwhare the assignment written by Marium Saud Japanwala.

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Hone Tuwhare


Marium Saud Japanwala

Monologue literally means an uninterrupted speech by one person only. Tuwhare has perhaps meant his poem 'Monologue', to be an eye opener for people against the harsh conditions of the workers. It is a narrative or a Soliloquy of a boiler working near the big doors, in extremely harsh and unhealthy conditions. What is more, the workers are treated in an inhumane fashion, such that they are even deprived of their pride.

At first the narrator professes that he 'likes' to 'work near a door'. This gives us a feeling that he is about to depart, however it could also imply that the person is ready to move on. The statement is further followed by an end stop, which denotes the finality of his decision and feeling, as if they go on no further. He further asserts that he likes to have his 'locker handy', which points out that he is urgently wishing to get away.

The poet then goes into explaining what the atmosphere of the workplace is like. He says that the 'cold creeps' in, which shows how the working conditions are not good, while it can also emphasize on the loneliness and isolation of the workplace. By stating that the cold creeps in from 'under the big doors', the poet is implying that the isolation and coldness in the atmosphere is not only the physical cold, but a chilliness formulated because of the administrators, who are making the workers feel small and undermined. Then in the summer hot dust 'swirls', this emphasizes on the disturbance and turbulence present in the air. This unrest mentioned is not only caused by the natural uncomfortable surroundings but by the administrators or as the poet refers to them 'the big doors'. The dust...