Monologue of a dying dog

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As I sit here in this dark cellar, I preach my whole life to you. This is the first time I've ever felt trapped. But where to begin I ask you. I've always loved to walk. That was my one pure pleasure in life. I could walk for miles and miles, and if needed I could run even further. I loved to feel the open around me. I could feel there were no limits or boundaries to where I wanted to go. Not like this though, not like this.

Simple things in life, things I used to take for granted now seem unreachable and luxuries seem like tools of the Gods. Wait, I can hear something, shut up stop talking. I said shut up. There he is. Look at him, just look at him. My flesh creeps with a million legs just at the site of him. The air suddenly gets cooler when he enters the room.

I hope you're not falling asleep on me. I hate being ignored. A pure attention seeker I've been told. Never happy till I have EVERYONE'S eyes on me. Others said I was being annoying. Spoke out of turn. Rude, obnoxious. I say they were jealous. I hated them for it

But oh how they still have freedom. And I still sit here waiting for my end. I think I've lost weight; it's been at least 4 days since he's fed me. I can't tell what day it is anymore; I can only see the undying dark. I fell asleep in here, god knows when, and when I woke up it felt like time hadn't passed. I knew it had, I'd soiled myself again. Hey stop walking away I'm still talking to you.

Things are getting worse, I've never felt so alone, so...