Moll Flanders and Her World

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Moll Flander's is an unexpected and unpredictable woman living in a century that opposes all that she represents as a woman. She manages to persevere through her own personal struggles as well as several obstacles that come her way. Moll has developed independence from a young age, she behaves and rightfully believes she is an equal person living in a male dominated society. Her personality, her innocence and ultimately her experiences were all major factors in deciding her fate and the her style of choices.

Moll's strong personality can be linked to her upbringing. Moll was orphaned since her birth due to her mother being a felon. The development of her personality, is related to her past , she is aware of the struggles that a woman has in this world and especially for a woman who is not wealthy.

This is too near the first hours of my life for me to relate anything of myself but by hearsay; it is enough to mention, that as I was born in such an unhappy place (Defoe 8).

Her mother struggled and failed, ending up in prison. I think that has had a major influence on the way she wanted to live her life. She didn't want to be destined to that fate, the typical poor woman in london would. SHe aspired for independence despite not using the best tactics she did very well with what were available means. Being a feminist in her day was hard to do without using those sort of means of acquiring self sufficiency. Moll resorted to scheming,lying and prostitution to finance her modest lifestyle. It sounds as though Moll is a terrible and dishonest woman, but i believe that her accomplishments greatly outweigh the means it took for to achieve them. She did not...