Modern Era Art

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Modern Era Art

As we know, Art is something which difficult to explain, to reason. The artist use art as a tool to express their feeling, reflect the life of people. Especially visual art plays an important role in every period of times; even they are different to each others, for example: Baroque style in sixteenth century, Rococo style in eighteenth century, or Luminism in nineteenth century. The Modern Era is the same- art also played an important role but a little bit different from the previous times, there were four styles for the artist to follow: Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Fauvism and Expressionism.

Before reading the book and having a look at the paintings which followed Impressionism, I thought Impressionism is a style which created the painting with carefulness in using colors and elaboration line of drawing to make the viewer impressive at the first look. But Impressionism is not what I thought, "the Impressionism concentrated, however, on realism of light and color rather than realism of form and sought to produce the literal impression an object made on their eyes."

(491).The artists who follow Impressionism, used their "innocent eyes" to produce their paintings. It means they draw what they saw but they did not noticed, they just paint their first seeing without imagination. That's why the painting looks blur. And the Post-Impressionism is an improvement of Impressionism, however the Post-Impressionism "gives the style of Impressionism a more solid appearance by giving the artists' shapes more continuous surface, an effect produced by broad brush strokes" (499).

Besides Impressionism and Post-Impressionism, Fauvism and Expressionism also had contribution to the diversity of art in Modern Era. Both of Fauvism and Expressionism concentrated to use bright color on the violence and contrary ways. Fauvism is the style which "broke so violently...