Modern day version of the tale of the good Samaritan

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A young man moved in and out of the shadows as quietly as a cat. Although he wasn't trying to be quiet. He was just walking the park. Suddenly, he saw movement in the distance, followed by the muffled screams of someone in trouble. Drawing his jacket close to him he slid to the spot. There the man saw gang members struggling with a female jogger. dumb joggers. should know better than to be out in the western suburbs.

Aww crap, one of the gang members cried, that guy’s seen us. They ran, leaving the lady behind. Her clothes were torn, her shoes taken, but she looked to be in good shape . Here, the young man said, giving his hand to help her up. she took his hand. Then the young man took off his jacket and gave it to her. Th... Thanks, she said. Let's move before they come back, he said.

As he led her out of the park she took looked at him. He was looked like an average kid to her, not noticing the chain around his neck. Exiting the park he found a policeman and took her to him. No, No sir. It was lucky that this man found me he’s the reason I'm in as good as shape as I am. Some gang members attacked me when I was jogging. This boy came right up to them and they ran. You sure? Of course. Can you identify the men who attacked you? the cop asked. Late teens, white, blue and white bandanna. All had dark hair and eyes. That's about as much as I could tell you. What about you son? You get a better look at them? No, sorry alright. Thanks. Listen, take care of the lady and tell her not to go jogging in the park at night. Thanks again kid. The man shrugged his shoulders and as he turned to walk away said, it’s nothing. It's what Jesus would have done. As she noticed the cross around his neck.

I wrote this out of my own head so the only source i can think of is the bible Luke 10:30-37 and my brain.