Missile Defense Agency; Needs Assessment for Quality Improvement

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Missile Defense Agency;

Needs Assessment for Quality Improvement Paper

The Missile Defense Agency, (MDA) is a very large joint organization that employees members from all four branches of the military, government civilians and thousands of government contractors. There are several areas that I have noticed, in my two-year tour, that I would try to improve their quality management. One of the areas I work in is the international group, we handle different international events. I'm dual-hatted, because I work in wargaming as well as the international group. I have a good understand on how these events should be conducted, from conception to completion. It is here, in the international group that needs some serious improvements in order for these events to their goals.


MDA does a great deal of international work. We work policy issues with countries in conjunction with Office of the Secretary of Defense, (OSD) Policy.

These policy discussions will eventually grow to other events. We have learned from experience the best way to educate the international community is to demonstrate missile defense through different tools. It is at this point MDA, asks for our assistance. I work for MDA, but at their Joint National Integration Center, (JNIC). One of the many things we do at the JNIC is to conduct wargames and exercises of all different sizes, goals, and participants. MDA's expertise is in policy and writing memorandums of understanding or MOU's, used to facilitate additional discusses and events with our international friends. They do not understand wargames, exercise, or other events we conduct.

We have tried to help the situation by introducing them to different events and series of events leading up to a complex wargame. This has been challenging and these procedures have been left unchanged for over a year with...