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A Domesticated Woman

Before women take part in a family, they experience the freedoms of individuality. Once they become married or have a child, their liberties are taken away. The wife or mother does not have only her life to take care of after that time, but she also cares for the lives of the whole family. Her needs and wants are then locked away behind the responsibilities to the family. A women's first priority in life should be to care for her family; however, a mother needs a break from her responsibilities and deserves an equal amount of privileges that the husband enjoys.

A women should put her family responsibilities before herself, but, at times deserves time off to live her life also. Most of the time, responsibilities take over the lives of women. Women become domesticated by becoming trapped in a cage in which they cannot experience any freedom as Potter says, "....this

bear was bored. Caged and crazy, she paced endlessly back and forth: For her, there was no escape. As for me, I was trying to figure out who held the key." (150). Secondly, a woman has no time in which she can live her own life. She has no time or even ability to take the time out of her day to treat herself to something. Finally, even when a women does get a break, she has to perform twice the responsibilities as normal before she gets it. Potter shows this in her essay by saying that, "...I had to beg barter, and buy two weeks worth of child

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care for my two bigger boys and hand my baby over to my mother...." (151). A vacation from the stressful responsibilities relieves a woman's weary mind and even body.

Although a wife should...