Mexican Educational System.

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Mexican Educational System

The Mexican Constitution, established in 1917, outlined the necessity for public education, creating a definitive forum for addressing the educational needs of the country at the beginning of the century (Althaus 1). Though the Constitution addressed the issue of education, it did not provide a directive for promoting educational systems, and Mexico has had to address the difficult problem of providing an educational system for hundreds of different indigenous languages and cultures (Improving 1). Though the Mexican governments of the last two decades have attempted to address educational reform, there are a number of difficulties that have presented themselves, including a growing school-aged population and the issues of language and culture, which have prevented any major widespread changes to take hold. As for the United States, the American education is hard to single out. The United States does not have a national school system; so a single school draws resources from several different public and private institutions (USIA 1).

Mexico's current educational system is one of free and compulsory education for children between the ages of 6 and 14 (Saleem). In order to provide for the requirements of this educational system, the Mexican government has had to focus on social infrastructures in rural as well as urban communities in order to support the national programs. Mexico has been definitively more successful in implementing educational reforms in urban settings, especially in constantly increasing low-income urban areas. But over the past two decades, the focus has been on bringing primary schools to even the most isolated villages. Nearly ninety percent of the students in America attend public elementary and secondary schools. All states require young adults to attend school. Although the age limit may vary, most states require attendance until the age of 16, and some states until...