"When a Meteorite Hits the Car - Now That's a Real Auto Accident"

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This is a summary on an article i did in my drivers ed class. Though it does talk in it just stuff overall about driving and safety and such. I dont remember the grade I got on this but i do know i didnt fail it may a C or a D.

Car accidents are constantly happening everyday. With the increasing number of inexperienced drivers getting behind the wheel, the number of accidents is increasing. Experts believe "about 118 people die each day on the nation's roads." But changing things will not be easy.

The thought of driving in a metal and plastic, vehicle of death will make any driver scared. In actuality that is what a car is. To operate such heavy machinery one must know the dangers of operating it as well as the skill need for it. I feel that new drivers should be required more hours behind the wheel with a parent in the car.

The AAA is taking actions such as this. They're lobbing for changes in licensing for new drivers that will "restrict new drivers from driving at night and requirements that parents log at least 40 hours of riding in the car while their kid is driving." Other laws being considered are to raise the fine for running a red light to $1,500.

Such procedures will make increasing harder for young drivers, such as myself, to get their licenses. Though some feel that even laws such as ones that the AAA is lobbing is not enough. Miriam Schottland says, "Looking only at teenagers is naïve. Adults are a large part of the problem." Adults who don't know how to drive a car are now teaching their kids. With out the knowledge of the dangers of driving nothing will change.

With all these changes...