Metaphoric Writing Assignment

Essay by rojohnso January 2003

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1. Although our bodies are enormous, it glides graciously and mysteriously through secret, uncharted waters. We come in many colors shapes and sizes. Those curious intellectual onlookers dart ahead of us or sweep off to the sea or pause to investigate us. They look funny with those rabbit ears and long poles poking and prodding into our deep dark aqueous environment. We always regroup, swim back together, pausing to frolic in the mists of a private cavern or breaking out among the ice floes, spouting to make ourselves known, celebrating our skills, talents, joys and eccentricities. Sometimes, we lose our sense of direction and end up in water so shallow that we become beached. This process causes us never again to enjoy the depths of the cold dark underworld. We give onlookers what they want to see and then send them off; often times turning back to renew ourselves as we bask in the sunshine of our universal sympathy together.

Then on we glide, a magnificent display of intellect, acceptance, belonging, secure in our place, sounding the depths of enchanted waters, leading by the authority of a diverse community delighting in one another. What am I? (Whale)

2. The underwater world is mysterious and unknown to many. There are those, who adorned with their gear enter our depths to communicate with us. Many swim here helplessly, until our inhabitants who offer calming breaths of air, while helping the diver ascend up to a comfortable water depth. Others get acclimated to the depths. We play at their high tech instruments or just float in the currents to be carried by the tides. All of us are marine mammals able to hold our breath for long periods of time. We have become acclimated to the depths, many of us diving even...