Mergers and Acquisitions

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Alta Resources began as Ameritel Corporation in 1982 as the first consumer package goods telesales company. In 1999, the name was changed to Alta Resources, and is referred to internally as Alta. Alta is a leading provider of integrated customer, sales and marketing solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Fortune 100 companies make up 30% of their client base. Alta has four business units within Alta that include Customer Care, Sales, IT Services and Fulfillment. Alta's mission is to provide resources and create solutions that maximize customer relations. Alta's vision is to be an industry leader for global customer-related outsourcing services (Alta Visit v3, 2008). Four strategic mandates represent the drivers for Alta, 1) Growth - grow revenue and impact as a global leader; 2) Profitability - strengthen the company by increasing operating profits; 3) Leadership - invest in leaders, equip to be successful at all levels and accomplish organizational goals; and 4) Global - provide world-class global solutions (Alta Resources, Company Meeting, January 2008).

Synergies Created by MergerAs a provider of customer solutions, it has always been important for Alta to remain flexible and creative. It became apparent that growth opportunities would be limited without an offshore solution. In 2004, Alta was able to offer that offshore solution to their clients for the first time. They did it by purchasing ownership in an existing business in the Philippines. That solution dissolved as the company Alta worked with was acquired by another organization that chose to end the partnership.

Not wanting to take a step backwards with the solutions available to clients, Alta decided to pursue a horizontal merger with a different organization also in the Philippines. An extensive search was conducted to find the right partner, and in early 2008 Alta announced their newest acquisition Alta S.E.