Mere Christianity: The Deep Pensive Writings of C.S. Lewis

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Mere Christianity: The Deep Pensive

Writings of C.S. Lewis

The writings of C.S. Lewis are deep in insight and rich in thought. It makes you question, gives you answers and most definitely makes you think and come to conclusions, whatever those may be. Is it truly just "Mere Christianity"? Or is it more, something deep, something that has got to be either true or false. The actual TRUTH.

So does his book, Mere Christianity truly give you insight? This one book which originally started as a radio talk show, is composed of three separate sections which make the complete book. The first is "The Case for Christianity", the second "Christian Behavior" and the third and final section is "Beyond Personality". In all there is a definite sense of a strong and clear thought process for which he comes to his conclusions and interpretations of life.

In this book C.S.

Lewis connotes what he saw as the different essentials of Christianity and life. The style of the book has an informality that comes from its beginnings as a radio talk program. Throughout he makes you sure that whatever you believe, that religion accepted or rejected means something entirely and completely serious, that demands your utmost devotion of mind, body and soul.

The conclusions that Lewis helps you come to are brought on through Lewis' clear and precise logical thought process. Many times Clyde Staples Lewis uses one of the logical If, Then, Else, to provide you with a conclusion that has no other, but can remain hidden without help. Always using the Bible to help back his processes, every thing he says can be checked through scripture. Lewis talks about faith, belief, the theology behind the bible and many other similar subjects. Discussed are issues that can be controversial...