"Men without Hats: To Clone or not to Clone". A pro argument for cloning, arguing against Charles Krauthammer M.D.'s views on cloning.

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-Overview- A paper of mine written circa 1999 in response to several of Charles Krauthammer's views on cloning. You can search engine for his name to find his particular views on many subjects, including cloning.

-Side Note- The "Men without Hats" part of the title was an ongoing side joke with the professor and i, it dosent have any particular meaning in this creative writing document.


Men without Hats: To Clone or Not to Clone?


"To clone or not to clone?" is the question of this argument. This conquest has been the aspiration of many scientists for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years. On the other hand, it is the fear of many religious/paranoid people everywhere. By us determining the value of human life; this will dictate the future of cloning indefinitely. I feel Krauthammer's opinion is exaggerated and unrealistic. I disagree with this author's point of view.

The main fault in Krauthammer's argument is that he has an unrealistic view on human life. The subject of our value system makes his argument invalid. The current society and government view on life would prohibit the growing of "headless" humans for organ donors. The government has put laws prohibiting cloning, and severely restricting embryo/stem cell research.

Embryonic cloning could prove a valuable tool for the studying of human development, genetically modifying embryos, and investigating new transplant technologies. Although these methods somewhat reflect the eugenics movement, they do differ vastly from the movement in the aspect we are not killing people to make our society "clean." We would simply be erasing the diseases and viruses that have plagued us for centuries.

Many religious and paranoid groups do not even want us to venture into this realm, although the results of this research would force many of them...