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From our text the main memory is the central storage unit in a computer system. It is a relatively large and fast memory used to store programs and data during the computer operation. The principal technology used for the main memory is based on semiconductor intergrated circuits. Intergrated circuit RAM chips are available in two possible operating modes, static and dynamic, The static Ram consists essentially of internal flip-flops that store the binary inforation. The stored information remains valid as long as powre is applied to the unit. The dynamic Ram stores the binary information in the form of electric charges that are applied to capacitors. The capacitors are provided inside the chip by MOS transitors. The stored charge on the capacitors tend to discharge. The dynamic RAM offers reduced power consumption and larger storage capacity in a single memory chip. The static RAM is easiser to use and has shorter read and write cycles.

RAM - RAM stands for "random access memory" and is volatile.

Static RAM(SRAM) - SRAM doesn't have to be constantly refreshed. Uses a lot of power. Used in old IBM XT machines and was limited to 256K per chip.

*Dynamic RAM(DRAM) - DRAM use capacitors instead of transistors and switches. Needs constant refresh.

There are two basic types of RAM:

* Dynamic RAM (DRAM) A type of physical(A physical data structure refers to the actual organization of data on a storage device. The logical data structure refers to how the information appears to a program or user. For example, a data file is a collection of information stored together. This is its logical structure. Physically, however, a file could be stored on a disk in several scattered pieces. ) memory used in most personal computers. The term dynamic indicates that the memory must be constantly...