"Medieval Cathedrals"

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Medieval Cathedrals

One of the most productive time periods was the Middle Ages. The people of this time were extremely intelligent and resourceful, and proved this in many ways through their accomplishments. One significant aspect that the Middle Ages had a large impact on was art and architecture. Through their advanced understanding of technology they made many great architectural achievements. They also demonstrated their incredible artistic ability through cathedrals in many ways. In order to understand Medieval art, culture, feudalism, and technology advancements, studying cathedrals helps illustrate the progress.

In the Middle Ages, religion was the main focus of life. Art and culture was mainly focused around religion. Many paintings depicted scenes from the Bible, or were religious oriented. Cathedrals are forms and displays of art and ability on a very large scale. The purpose of cathedrals was to worship God, therefore proving that art and culture revolved around religion.

One important feature of Medieval culture and entertainment was poetry. Ballads were poems which were passed down orally through generations. The art of the time was quite advanced, because the artists were extremely talented and their artwork looked realistic. In the Middle Ages the different social classes were strongly divided, and society was based on feudalism. Feudalism was the social pyramid and the idea that the lower class is at the base of the pyramid and is the bulk of the population. The middle and lower class workers were put to work and worked long hard hours. The upper class was very wealthy and would not do any of the difficult work, instead they would over see operations or supervise. The Middle Age people were also technologically advanced. Builders mathematically planned everything perfectly and used only the primitive tools available to them. Not only were the people...