Medea and Hedda Gabler, contrast on the major characters

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Medea and Hedda Gabbler are two different plays, yet both have very similar motives in the end. Both women seek to control the destiny of the men in their lives. The reasons are not by the decision of either women, but by the hands of Fate, something out of their control. Both women are respectively different, with different degrees of action and success. Two women needing to control destiny bring two very different motives together.

Medea and Hedda have two very different reasons for desiring control over the destiny of their men's lives. Medea's desire for control over Jason, and the subsequent death of her children, is spawned by her unfair treatment and spurning by Jason, where as Hedda has very different reasons. Hedda has not been scorned by any one person really, but she is stuck in a man's world, as a woman, where she has absolutely no control, marking her desire to control the destiny of Eilert Lovborg.

(Kliegl, 1) Medea is pushed by the force of fate, as if she has no control over her actions. She is a strong willed woman, doing what she must, coming out as the victor in the end. Hedda, however, comes out quite differently. Hedda's fear of scandal really prevents her from having any strong hold on the situation that will turn out successfully. This is proven in the end when Hedda commits suicide-she has lost control and is not strong enough to handle the ensuing scandal. (sparknotes, 1) Although out of the two actions, the worst seems to be Medea's, it is also Medea's actions that merit the most excuse as defense. She was having everything taken away from her, and she could not

stop it, so she took the only action possible to make Jason understand...