What it means to be educated. Includes definition. Speaks briefly of a personal experience.

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What it means to be an educated person means something different to everyone. From how they achieve this so called education to how they use it in this world. Many

past philosophers have had things to say about what it means to be educated, including Socrates. Widely considered to be the father of modern thought, he once said "the world, it seems to me, is divided into the wise, who know they are fools, and the fools who think they are wise." Based on this quote alone can be found what it means to be an educated person. To be educated means nothing more then to be trained in a specific field. As well as how the truly intelligent person will use their education.

Some say that to be educated you first must go to grammar school, then to high school, then to college and finally to graduate school. Then and only then can one be considered educated.

This assumption is entirely false. Unfortunately this is how our modern society defines what it means to be educated. According to this definition, anyone who can't afford or doesn't have the need for college can not attain education. You can then go further and define what it means to be intelligent. According to the Websters dictionary it means "the ability to learn or understand or to deal with new or trying situations, also the ability to reason." And the definition of reason is "the sum of the intellectual powers." So to be intelligent you are capable of reasoning, and reasoning is

the sum of intelligence. Nowhere in those definitions does the word "educated" display itself. So we must assume that to be intelligent you don't have to be educated. Then

what must education mean if it doesn't mean intelligence? Ultimately it means...