The matrix.

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The Matrix.

1. Cast & Crew

Keanu reeves - Neo

Laurence Fishburne - Morpheus

Carrie-Anne Moss - Trinity

Joe Pantoliano - Cypher

Hugo Weaving - Agent Smith

Larry & Andy Wachowski - Writers and Directors

John Gaeta - Visual Effects

The movie won several awards: The academy award for:

Best Film editing

Best sound

Best Sound effects editing

Best visual Effects

And the British academy awards for:

Best Sound

Best special visual effects

The Theme of the movie is a man who actually has two identities one of them is Thomas Anderson he is a normal guy he goes to work he lives in an average apartment pays his taxes and eats his breakfast. In his other life he is neo a computer hacker who has broken almost any computer crime that there's a law against, he spent few years searching for an answer - "What Is the Matrix?"

One day a message comes up in his computer saying "wake up neo" and "Follow the white rabbit" then he follows a girl with a tattoo of a white rabbit and they go to a party where he meets Trinity that tells him that his in danger.

At this point you're very confused you don't know why is he in danger, what is the matrix, and did the man on his computer knew all of the things he said.

Eventually they release him from the world and tell him what is the matrix - the matrix is the world we are in it is everything once the world was very proud of his invention an AI (Artificial Intelligence) Robot they were so smart that they started rebelling the people and it became a war between war and machine the machines destroyed every human city except one "Zion" now there...