Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.

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The story Frankenstein is about a scientist called Victor and a creature that hunted him. The creature was artificially created and given life by Victor himself, but instead of giving thanks the creature murdered Victor's family instead.

In a short paragraph like this, most of readers will give pity to Victor and blame the creature; but that isn't the book all about. In the beginning of the story Victor was awfully depressed, for his brother death. He didn't want to eat or sleep. His mother, his friend Henry and his bribe Elizabeth tried so hard to make him happy, but he's just so sad. Later on he realized that the creature is the one that killed his brother, and this made him even suffer. In this situation, we, readers predicted that Victor will finally get rid of the creature and live happily ever after.

As we read the story, we'll realize that the creature wasn't a very bad being after all.

Even the creature himself asked for dead to end his miserable life. Knowing that, Victor felt very happy instead. He thought that only the creature's dead would bring him peace, and he happily destroy his own creation, which has brought him misery from the very beginning.

But then the creature got another idea. He wanted a bribe to live with. Victor refused, as he thought that twice a monster as now would bring oblivion. However Henry Clerval, Victor's friend agreed.

In the progress on creation, Frau Frankenstein, Victor's mother shocked to dead when she saw the creature. During this time too, Justine, the suspect met Victor to say that she's innocent; but Victor lied and she's going to be hanged for that.

Victor that was very angry for the creature because of his mother's death, decided to stop...