Martin Luther Kings wife Coretta King a review on a writers article.

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18 November, 2004

Short Response #3 Draft 2

The writer starts her essay off by remembering her first meeting with Coretta King by letting you have you a sense of what her first thoughts of Mrs. King were before her actual conversation with her. The writer then mentions Mrs.Bennet, Obidah Scott, and Mrs.Farris, to show how the King family is so strong for the black south, and how each person has been touched by the King family. She explains the situation with the tape recorder because it shows that even thought Mrs.King is the great person that she is, I believe that his was necessary because it shows that she is still human just like the rest of us, and that there are things that she is not good with just like us.

The writer shows great credibility because she manages to express how deep she has been touched by the King family and how they have reflected the entire nation.

I believe that all three forms of describing Coretta were essential in writing, it shows how Coretta has takes on challenges in her life, how smooth she is in every situation. In all descriptions Coretta is calm in all forms, which show how strong of a heart and how strong of a black women that she has became and was. She chooses to interview Coretta because she somewhat envies the women's strong being. She takes her interview to great heart as she notices how important it is for even herself to stay strong as Coretta King has done as well.

The writer quotes "I don't believe that black people are going to misuse power in the way it has been misused. I think they've learned from etc..." from Coretta because she explains how important...