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The Product that is to be launched into the market is Fizz®, which is a soft-drink that is quite similar to the likes of Coca Cola and Pepsi which currently dominates the market. Profit can be made because research shows that an average can of soft drink costs approximately eight baht to manufacture and can be sold at a significantly higher price.

The product is durable because if retailers put the stock in a refrigerator, it will stay undamaged for a long time. It is moderately easy to manufacture because the product is very simple and unlike complicated products like cars, does not require much labor to produce.

Packaging: The product will come in two different sizes so there will be two different types of packaging. There will be a 350 milliliters can and a 1 liter can as well. A liter bottle of soft-drink costs about 15 baht to manufacture and can be sold at about twice the cost.

The 350 ml will be packaged in the same fashion as those of Coke and Pepsi bit the labels would be more visually appealing. It is commonly known that people judge a book by looking at the cover, in other words, the consumers' decisions on which products to purchase is influenced significantly by the appearance of the product rather than functionality.


The method of promotion that will be used is "sale promotion". Buy four cans and get one free is the deal that I propose. This tactic will of course be short term. Once the people start to regularly buy the product, the deal will no longer exist. This tactic will be used to persuade customers to switch from drinking competitor products such as Coke, Pepsi and Sprite to Fizz.


TV: It will be very expensive but...