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Applied Marketing MKT 2232Semester 1 Assessment, Level 2Jonathan Evans 0401751Amazon Services Inc: Marketing PlanMission statement"To build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online". is very close to accomplishing this as their ever growing range of products is strongly supported by their excellent service and customer care.

Market overviewAmazons target market is very broad in being anyone who has the use of the internet. Amazon provides products for a wide range of customers but knows the younger generation are more computer literate and are more likely to continue buying goods online. This can only be seen as an advantage to Amazon as they can be likely of success in the future.

Amazon does have direct competition from website such as and the extremely popular auction website Ebay but Amazon is certainly the leading e-retailing firm.

It is likely that the market for e-retailing will continue to grow as the numbers of internet users worldwide is continuing to increase.

Amazons distribution chains are strongly put in place as their transportation links are leading in the industry and many other firms wish to use them.

Corporate ObjectivesImprove customer relationships by continuing to enforce strong customer orientation. will form new relationships and reinforce old ones if they continue to personalise the service and improve the customers purchasing experience.

Expand products and services. If Amazon continues to expand their product range they will not only increase their repeat customers but will also attract new ones. Amazon have many different product ranges in which they could expand but strong growing areas are the travel industry and the automobile part industry.

Expand and continue to be successful in its partnerships with other companies. Borders .com,,,,, and all automatically redirect...