Marketing Manager - Marketing MIX; following a situation analysis.

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Manager of 'Proactive-Partners' (PP); following a situation analysis completed for our new car release 'RESPONSE'. Presented to the executive team of PP is a Marketing Mix allowing us to market our new car line most effectively. PP located in Western Sydney are at stage 2 of business development the introduction of our new car line. PP offers onsite showroom and online sales. Company Mission is: Embracing Environmental Wellness Together. Unique Selling Proposition line called 'Response' includes stylish uniquely distinctive features; its primary fuel source is ethanol petrol levels upto100% and a hybrid electric engine. It is designed as a stylish vehicle . PP implements the Societal Marketing Concept Marketing Approach. PP delivers superior customer value and superior business performance.

Target MarketThere were many trends identified through situation analysis; in fact only some will be mentioned now. Trends emerging within Australia consist of; smaller family sizes; decreases in the number of couples/families with children.

Working women and working mothers increasing. Current factors impacting the natural environment include shortages of certain raw materials, increased energy costs, increased pollution levels, and increasing government intervention in natural resource management (Kotler et al 2007).

Technological environment influencing marketing in two ways; new products and new processes (McCarthy, et al 1997). Increasing business regulation; stronger government agency enforcement and growth of public interest groups.

Society searching for more meaningful and enduring values forcing firms to adopt societal marketing concept. A rise in patriotism (McCarthy et al 1997) And consumers are boycotting products that have been manufactured in a way that would damage the environment. (MacDonald, 2003)Market segmentation is an essential part in today's business world. Not all customers have the same requirements and a market strategy which does not recognise this can result in product and business failure. Market segmentation is splitting customers, or potential customers...