Marketing Ethics

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Marketing Ethics

Marketing ethics introduction

What is/nature of ethics?

Where does ethics stand on an organization responsibilities? Pg 86

What is marketing ethics?


Marketing ethics issue?

Typical ethical issue in marketing mix? P 95

The ethical decision making?

* Individual factors.

* Organizational factors.

* Opportunity.

Improving ethical conduct in marketing

* Code of conduct/code of ethic

* Ethic officers

* Implementing ethics and legal compliance program.

* Code of ethic of the AMA (American Marketing Association)


Being ethical is not easy

Ethics improve marketing performances

What is marketing ethics?

Marketing ethics is the study of right and wrong with respect to marketing policies, practices, and systems. Marketing ethics consist of principles and standards that guide appropriate conduct in organizations. The importance of ethics in marketing practices is a major consideration in whether markets achieve their promise relative to previous arrangements.

As a cultural phenomenon influencing and influenced by marketing customs and practices, ethics is an important factor in explaining both conduct and performance in markets.

Much progress has been made in public policy initiatives to encourage ethical compliance in organizations.

The Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations provide a blueprint that many companies are using for ethic programs. These public policy efforts need to be explored to determine effectiveness and impact on marketing activities. Internet marketing and other developments in information technology and in whether and how products of dubious social merit - tobacco, alcohol, and pornography - are marketed.

The question of whether or not marketing is completely unethical is the question most critics of marketing seem to be focusing their attention on. Ethics provide the basis for deciding whether a particular action is morally good or morally bad (Britt 553). But, each individual develops different opinions, moral standards, and values. So, marketers will...