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Running head: Marketing: Kudler Fine Foods

Marketing Assignment

The following paper will discuss Kudler Fine Foods interest in expanding its business of providing specialty foods in the San Diego metropolitan area to include catering services. The reader will assess Kudlers market research and learn of Kudlers marketing mix, product availability, competitive pricing for the catering service, marketing the catering service and the effects of Kudler contracting with local growers of organic produce. In deciding to take this step, Kudler first objective in marketing research is to discover what its potential catering customer's wants and needs.

The first step is to understand what the customer wants or needs and how Kudler is going to provide this service. Kudler has put together a sales plan that provides strategic sales objectives, marketing mix and customer relationship management strategies and tactics. Kudlers strategic sales objectives include new customer focused programs, better information management and targeted awareness building.

New customer focused programs, such as, initiating a specialty cooking class socials.

The objective of this class is to increase customer awareness of products, increase purchases of high-margin products and introduce products to new customers. This cooking class social is designed to show customers how to prepare specialty foods, increasing customer's time spent and frequency of visits to the store and the chance of meeting a world-renowned chef, local celebrities or even the owner, Kathy Kudler. These events are upscale and exclusive and preferably held at Kudlers but the cooking class is available to customers at their homes for a premium price. By building customer awareness and consumption of high-margin items Kudler tracks what products are being purchased and rolled into a frequent shopper program. Price is not the primary factor for Kudlers customers; therefore, its frequent shopper program is not designed...