Marijuana properties.

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Marijuana is used two different way one of which is it being smoked in cigarettes called "Joints" or "Nails" when smoked the marijuana releases about 1,000 different chemicals into the body, the active chemical is THC (Delta9-theta-hydrocannabinol) which causes a state of euphoria, this euphoric state has consequences such as the destroying of brain cells used for memory, twice the likely hood of getting cancer than smoking, sacs under eyes, red eyes, dry mouth and a increase in appetite. Another way marijuana is used is to be eaten when eaten the affects of it develop over 2-3 hours. The potency of marijuana has increased since the 1970's. Marijuana lasts for a few days in your blood stream but is then metabolized, hair testing is now being done because hair contains some of the traces of the marijuana smoke for a very long time. Teenagers are the most common users of marijuana for many reasons one of which is peir pressure, another is "it seemed cool", ect.

Some say that Marijuana is harmful others say its no worse than alcohol or tobacco, as of today marijuana is still illegal in all states. In the year 2002 their was a election on whether marijuana should be allowed for patients that have cancer or radiation surgery in Nevada, this attempt failed getting very few votes for it being legalized. Marijuana has been proven to reduce nausea for people with cancer and radiation treatment. Even though marijuana is illegal it is common to find on the streets of America, some say it is their right to choose what they do with their body others say they are protecting the betterment of all men, the debate is split into two sides the people for it and the people against it. Marijuana is extracted from the...