Mara Salvatrucha Gang vs. Japanese Yakuza Gang

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There are many reasons that gangs form themselves from the readings and the research that I have done I have drawn my own conclusion as to why the individuals involved decide to form an alliance together. Most of these kids come from broken homes, and sometimes they do not even have a home; due to dysfunctional contact that are prevalent in most of today's children and teenage relationships. When a disruption transpires or comes about in these kids lives they are completely perplexed as to how to handle the situation. They are not equipped with the knowledge of how to handle these types of problems. And what does a kid do best when faced with such issues and drama? They run, and as quick as possible to get away. They either join a gang to have the family they have always wanted just in a conventional way, or live out on the streets and more than likely become drug addicts and abused in a different way.

The two groups that I have chosen for my comparison are in more than one way a contrast to each other. A perfect example of this would be in the beginning of each organization and how they got their start. The Japanese group Yakuza has a strong foundation for their organization, from what I have read they date back as long as three centuries ago. During WWII, when there were only peddlers, gamblers, and the occasional samurai warrior, which makes this group one of the oldest and most well established organization in the new millennium today.

During the war, the group thrived as what they call black marketers; one that sells goods or a service in or to a market. Especially one that markets a specified commodity: i.e. a major wine marketer or in...