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Spider-man Spins a Promotional Web on the Web

The movie Spider-man has hit new box office highs as it has taken the movie industry by storm with its May 2002 introduction. In addition to smashing records, the movie also pioneers a new first, as it used its Web site as a promotional tool to hype the movie over a year in advance of the movie debut. Quite intentionally, the launch of the Web site marks the 38th anniversary of Spiderman's first appearance in his own comic book. This exercise will give you a chance to explore this ground breaking Web site with a cinematic feel. With the use of exceptional web technology, Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment will allow you to experience the Spider-man movie, to some degree even if you haven't seen it in the theaters. You will visit the official Spider-man movieWeb site to explore the vast multimedia and merchandising marketing strategy that is built around this movie.

As you explore these sites, answer the questions below.

Click on Spider-man

1. As you review the homepage's introduction in its entirety, what media does Sony utilize to involve the Web viewer and generate interest in the movie? How effective would you say is this promotional effort? State reasons for your opinion.

Next, click at the bottom on the menu item "Promotions and More."

2. What elements of Sony's promotional mix for the movie can be seen at this page? Explore the different elements. How effective do you think their promotional strategy is, given what you have seen?

Then, at the top of the screen, click on the icon entitled "Shop" and then click on Spider-Man 2 under FEATURED PRODUCTS. Answer the following questions:

3. What types of merchandise is Sony selling as part of its merchandising strategy?

They are selling t-shirts, ties, mugs, Glassware, antenna topper, posters and toys like games puzzles bobber head dolls.

4. What channel(s) of distribution is (are) being promoted here to purchase this merchandise?

Sony is using a indirect channel in selling this merchandise. Merchandise of these scales is going to need to have a middleman. In this case it is a retailer so that it can be sold directly to the consumers. The retailer is going to have direct contact with the consumer via the website. Retailers generally deal with different varieties of products and they give a wide choice to the consumers to buy the goods.

The website is a specialty store only dealing with all things that are for Spider-man

Hint: click on each of the categories of Spider-man merchandise and see where the links take you.

This exercise will allow the viewer to experience multimedia at its finest, as it is used to generate excitement and interest in the new Spider-man movie and related merchandise. This site contains many interactive features and links, which could leave you in a "web" of entertainment for hours. However, the focus of this exercise is to have the viewer get a sense of the powerful innovative tools that can be integrated into a winning promotional strategy, both in terms of promoting the movie, as well as the all-important merchandising strategy.