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My managerial placement was completed at was a former mobile internet company in Denmark dealing with mobile products and services on various levels from WAP, SMS to acting as a central SMSC(short message service centre) controlling traffic.

I have held a strong interest in mobile and the technology of mobile and wanted to do something more creative, different and to what I felt to be more interesting than that of the normal hotel or restaurant work for the managerial placement.

I head hunted companies which I felt I would be able to work with and got many disappointing replies as my raw experience in the field was little to none. In fact the only real knowledge I had of mobile and mobile internet was knowledge I had gathered through personal interest in the area.

My angle in approaching these companies was telling them about myself, my extensive experience in the hotel, restaurant and tourism industry and how I wanted to improve the industry acknowledging that the industries current state was out of date concerning the new advancement going on around it.

I wanted to implement new services and new technologies into the industry and create a working model which could be used to improve our industry. I also pointed out the huge market of hotel, restaurant and tourism, how it is out of date and the opportunities within the industry to implement new technologies.

After the many disappointments I got a reply from asking more about myself and telling that they had already made some services for the regional train company displaying timetables, prices etc through WAP and that they had been considering designing services within tourism, hotels and restaurants and that they would be interested in having inside knowledge of the sector.

I swiftly and...