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The nature of business and business environments is continually in flux, affecting the nature and structure of business. This flux causes shifts in the roles and nature of management and managers, presenting the challenges and processes of a changing external business environment and whose role is so vital, Mintzberg himself stated ""No job is more vital to society than that of the manager."From Governments to small business, the role of managers as defined by Weihrich and Koontz is "the process of designing and maintaining an environment in which individuals, working together in groups, efficiently accomplish selected aims. It includes all systems where groups of people are involved to achieve a specific set of goals" (Weihrich-&-Kootz,-1994). To bring about these aims, as defined and created by each individual business to reach its goals, there are three main management roles as defined by Mintzberg, which include the Interpersonal, information roles and the decisional roles.

These in-turn encompass more specific duties which will be discussed later.

The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines a manager as "A person controlling or administering a business or part of a business".

Manager Case-Study:Business Name - Playtec Pty LtdName - Matthew StewartAge - 29Phone No - *******Position Held - General ManagerBusiness Size - Small (approximately 20-employees)Business Description - Playtec Pty Ltd is a manufacturer of indoor softplay equiptment, distributed nationwide and occasionally overseas.

As a General Manager of a small business, Matthews's management roles consist of interdependent-factors coordinated into an organised 'system' to allow efficient allocation of resources through well-planned administration, complimenting D.A Holts definition of "defining organizational objectives and then articulating strategies, tactics and objectives that are necessary to achieve these objectives." (Holt,-1987,-p.793). These are divided into the three main segments of responsibility, collectively known as the Mintzberg's Management roles.

Under Interpersonal management roles, Matthew...