Macro Business Environment

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Macro Business Environment: There are many different environments in marketing which will influence how successful a product will be. With a well rounded marketing plan, and taking into account the many different aspects of the environment any product can have a chance at success. The air blade fits extremely well into the macro business analysis. Aspects such as trends technology, economic, natural area, cultural will domestic will be discussed .

Every area in the macro business environment is important. In this day and age technology plays a big role in this role. In terms of B2B it is essential. The air blade is new and one of a kind. There are no other products in the market quite like it and for that reason it has a big technological impact. It is more efficient more hygienic than any hand dryer on the market. For this reason the air blade is at the top of the food chain in terms of technology and has a great chance of completely taking over the market.

The air blade"Making everyday products better" and in this particular area Dyson aims to be at the top. Probably its greatest advantage over any other product is its technology. The fact that the air blade is more efficient and cleaner than any other product proves that it has an edge over any other competitor. Since the air blade is such a high competitor all other companies in this market are going to have to change how they make their product so that the air blade doesn't become a complete monopoly and put everyone out of business. There are a few uncertainties is this day and age. There are updated products coming out every day and the key is to make one so well that no one else...