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Curtis Brown

No one on earth is perfect, even the most beautiful gem has a flaw. Humans are the same but they are gems of flesh and marrow. Their flaws have the potential to become tragic. One such man was driven into a blind insanity where he slew all those that were important in his life and their families; that man was Macbeth. Macbeth's tragic flaw ambition, an ambition spawned by him and his wife's lust for power. This flaw ultimately led to his demise and that of and his kingdom. My flaw is my attitude but primarily actiing over condescending.

From the earliest time I can remember I have had a snobbish or higher class view of myself. It had been spawned after my mother died and I started to travel on an international basis; with all the sympathy I received from all the different people I encountered I eventually was led to believe I was special.

From that point on, I have had a complex. Whenever I met someone who had no authority over me I subversively began to undermine them psychologically. I choose to make as many enemies as possible by befriending almost anyone who met my standards then selling them out to accomplish the next best thing. Mocking them and their friends seemed to me all I lived for. My vocabulary and my knowledge I had accumulated form international schools were sufficient enough until I arrived in high school.

In high school there were people coming from similar or totally opposite backgrounds who were all able to beat me at my own game without even compromising their health or integrity. That is why I am a crack head. I was outclassed and overpowered in the one area of my psychological made me want to...